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My dear Lady

About Me


A short history about me, my story starts as an ignorant young lady with great dreams. I was ready to conquer the world.

After I got married, the first two years was easy. We were both teachers and at the time stayed in a boarding school. We had to substitute for the absence of parents and had to give love, guidance, help with homework and general duties such as personal habits and behaviour. There was no household to keep, it was all done for us by matrons.


When the honeymoon was over and it was time to start a family, we decided I will be a stay-at-home mum when the kids were born. I decided to became a full time housewife out of own choice, rather than having money in the bank.

About Me

My first morning as a housewife, reality kicked in. I realised I know very little of what is expected of me. Where do I start and how will I accomplish it?

I knew how to use a broom, cook a basic meal and how to do the dishes, but how to organise my day, was not in my frame of mind.


Mum taught me what I had to know, how to clean, cook and do laundry but not how to create a routine. In the beginning it took me the whole day to figure out what to do when. I managed, but with no time to spare.

Another eye opener came at social gatherings. The women would sit together and just talk about events at home. Cleaning, how to fold a fitted sheet, problems with kids and domestic problems. I never fitted in, and thought to myself, there must be more to being a housewife.

With a smile on her face Mum left me to my own ways. Watching as my story unfolds, she was waiting patiently for me to come and ask her advice and guidance.

After an in depth discussion over a cup of tea with Mum, she gave me insight to see the difference and many facets of being a good Homemaker and consequently, not just being a housewife.


There are skills you have to obtain to distinguish you from the rest, my dear,  she said. Skills to learn, knowledge to master and abilities that came with experience and practise.  That is the way to create a calm and loving home for the family. As a result, creating a safe place to come home to.


About Me

Mum was an excellent homemaker. She knew how to create warmth, comfort and most of all, security. Making it a home and not just a place to stay.


I became a happy homemaker with her guidance. For almost 50 years I am a homemaker and are still enjoying it. After she told me the tricks of the trade, I tried to get good at certain skills, but only to succeed in some. Failures are part of the game, nobody is perfect.

My aim is to help every housewife to become a happy Homemaker.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.


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