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My Dear Homemaker


One morning over a cup of tea at the kitchen table, I wondered, what happened to the young lady with so many dreams? What happened to the exciting adventurous woman?

Sitting there daydreaming, I came to the conclusion this is not what I want and who I want to be, and start analysing.

Where will I find the skills to get back that woman and make my life more streamlined and how can I deserve respect as a Homemaker?


It is so frustrating if you get brushed aside and no one takes notice or listens to you, it is as if you are invisible. How do I get my identity back?


One thing to get recognition, is to transform the way I thought about myself. I am capable and can do it.  To learn new skills and change a few habits can make a huge difference too. The moment I change my behaviour, everything changes.


As a partner, housewife and mother we get so absorbed in everyday routine that we lose track of who we are and become monotonous.


Why do people appreciate others more, and why are some people more popular than others?


It is good to remember, you teach people how to treat you. Your current ways might show you are not worthy of their respect, therefore, you will be ignored and become invisible.


Unfortunately you get judged by behaviour. Respect has to do with confidence, integrity and compassion. Carry yourself with pride and walk tall!


The best way to deserve respect is by getting confident and confidence comes with knowledge. Respect doesn’t come naturally – it is something you deserve.

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How Can I Deserve Respect

1.  Respect Yourself and Others

Ask yourself, who do I respect and the reasons why.


The way you walk, the way you talk, how you look and what you share, shows if you respect yourself. Are this all worthy of who I really am?


Be never afraid to show your ethics and values, for instance, the things you do, places you go to, what jokes you make are the mirror of who you are.


People see who you are by observing your lifestyle. By the way, what you post on social media also contributes to their perception.


The way you conduct yourself shows your character.


The things people will admire are honesty, reliability, hardworking, loyalty, responsibility, trustworthiness and confidentiality in a person.


Respect others as you want to be respected.


2.  Confidence

Everybody can have confidence, because it is being built step by step.


Set your goals and achieve them in sections little by little.


Create smaller goals which is easy to achieve, every goal that is met creates confidence.


Keep a log of all your achievements, it motivates you to see what you have already done.


I once read, a guy called it my “ I Did it “ list. How cool is that. Not only will you have a ” To Do ” list, but this an ” I Did It ” list. It is just as important. Read it often and get inspired by all your achievements.


3.  Good Self-esteem

To know what you know and believe in yourself creates good self-esteem.


Stand up for yourself and defend your beliefs and values.


Values are your living standards. How you dress, eat and socialise. People with the same interests and culture, group together, because they have the same ideology of standards and act in the same way.


Then you get the individual who lives by his own standards.


My son Marius is one such person. He has very strong believes and values, as an example he is known as the “Barefoot Wonderer“, because he walks mostly barefoot.


His believe is, he has to have contact with the earth and it’s vibes, he gets his energy and calm from there, no matter what.


He will get off the plane and walk barefoot into the airport with his shoes tied and hanging from his shoulder.  As a wildlife safari guy he lives by his own rules very close to nature.


4.  Set clear boundaries.

Know what is acceptable and what is a no go for you. It gives you a clear direction the way you want to go.


Never listen to your inner nagging voice, telling you negative and down grading affirmations. Our culture has taught us to always be humble to such an extent, it has an impact on our self-esteem. You can still be humble with a backbone.


Remember you are good enough, and talk about it without arrogance.



How Can I Deserve Respect

5.  Positive thinking is Inspiring

With a positive attitude you can conquer the world. No obstacle is to big to stop you.


To live an inspiring life is so rewarding. Talking about your passions and goals can inspire others to create goals too to replicate your success. This gives you a sense of purpose.


Encourage them to follow their dreams.


Show you have faith in them.


Always see the bright side, every problem has a solution and there is a way out. No matter how big it is, there is a silver lining.


All failures have a hidden lesson to help you grow and never to repeat the mistake again.


Get your own positive affirmations and repeat it every morning before you start.


I am grateful for what I have, I am happy and content.


My ability to change what I can.


I am worthy of health, wealth and happiness.


My life is only beginning.



6.  Set achievable Goals

Know where you are going.

Never listen to naysayers, nor let other people’s negative opinion or criticism influence you.

Ask advice from people who have the knowledge and apply it.



7.  Being Kind and Respectful

Treat others how you want to be treated.

See where help is needed and offer your assistance.

Be never disrespectful, no matter what.


How Can Deserve Respect

8. Good Listener

Talk less and listen with undivided attention.

Listen intensely to what people have to say and encourage them.

Ask them questions, rather than feel the need to tell your story.

Effective listening skills will validate others and make them feel important.

Don’t use your ear as a trash can, avoid conversations that are not to your standards or have no meaning.



9. Stop Apologising

Do not apologise for all that is happening. Only apologise when your actions affect someone else negatively.

Don’t hesitate a moment, do it immediately.

Stop using the word “Sorry”, in general talk, it makes you a lesser person, do apologise when necessary.



How Can I Deserve Respect

10.  Live with Integrity

Keep your promises,

Always be honest and always tell the truth.

Have compassion. See the situation from the other person’s side too.

Be always reliable, and trustworthy.

Loyalty is one of the legs of integrity. Never betray anyone.

Mood swings are never appreciated, be the same every day.

Never gossip, be confidential and keep a secret no matter what.



11. Values

Moral values

What do you believe in?

Set boundaries according to my values.

Realise what is important to you and what makes you mad.

Be not afraid to share what you stand for with the world, but do it in small amounts, never in an overpowering heated discussion.

People will remember how you make them feel when around you. Make them feel good, important and valuable.



12.  Respect Time

Everybody is busy, never waste other people’s time.

Being late is unforgivable without a valid reason. Manage your time wisely.

Let people know in advance when you can’t make it in time for an appointment.

Don’t make idle talk, have something of value to contribute to the conversation.




There are many more, but these are 10 of the most important skills to deserve someone’s respect.


Start making small changes, practice it and when you have success and see results, it will inspire you to go all the way.


You will deserve full respect in society and between friends and family.

Until next time, take care.


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