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Let us delve today into the safety of our children on the street. How to be streetwise is just as important as good manners. Your child learn all the valuable lessons from own experiences that give the confidence to be street smart. Teach your child of any age how how to deal with the harsh realities of life in a smart way.


Streetwise is the slang word for Situational Intelligence. To teach your child how to be streetwise, is teaching him or her the ability to gather information of your surroundings in a certain situation and make fast clear decisions for safety.


Situational Intelligence is the capacity to evaluate a situation and then respond efficiently. They must know more than those around them. We all live in a world where everyone is a part of a rat race and trying their best to emerge out as the winner.


The society we live in put all the emphases on academics, you have to be book smart, but in the real world streetwise is the practical side of life. To be street smart is just as important as being book smart, teach you child to have a healthy balance between the two.


As a parent you can’t always be with your child, especially when they grow older, therefore it is crucial to teach them awareness in public, to be able to stay safety.


Streetwise means to be resourceful and smart in the choices you make. When walking out the front gate there are so many dangers that lurks around.


Let’s see what is it we as parents can do to make your children aware and safe.


How to be Streetwise

What are there that we as parents can do.

Firstly teach your child to trust their instincts. When something feels wrong it probably is.


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Never over protect or over scheduled your child. I know, we love them so much and we want to brace them from all evil. This is a huge mistake, teaching them from an early age to fend for themselves, that is the way to go, Armour them with the knowledge how to behave and what to do in a time of danger, it is our duty my dear lady.


Controlling your child by telling them continuously what to do and how to do it, damage their self-esteem and confidence. They might fall easy-pray to child molesters or being kidnapped. Teach them how to toughen up and to say No.


Build your child’s self worth by letting them do their own thing, gain their own experiences. Talk about the possibility of different situations of danger they can get into. Discuss it and challenge them to come up with a solution.


Guide them to make the best choices and how to take action the correct safe way. In the long run they will learn and get confident.

As an example, after a discussion go to the shop with them. Let them do their own excursion, select a sweet and go and pay for it with you in the background, stay close. Let them explore and gain experience, but keep watch all the time. Soon they will feel confident and know what to expect after they have practised what you have discussed.


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Making them aware to paying attention to the surroundings, observe and be able to separate the good from the bad. There are only two kinds of people in the world, Victims and Victors, teach your child to be a Victor.


Walking Alone

Give attention to your surroundings, who are on your radar. Who walks in front of you and who are behind you, what are a person’s body language and how do they behave.


Stay alert, be aware of movements, who does what, observe and doubt everything. Do not get distracted by anyone.


Recognise a situation and weigh the circumstances up, what will the consequences be for you.


Never stroll when alone in the street, always walk with a purpose and a mission. Walk and stand tall, make quick eye contact with the people around you. The perpetrator will then see that you have noticed him.


Walk close to the pavement, away from any buildings or alleys.


When walking down a street or a road, walk facing the oncoming traffic and see what is approaching you. If you feel you are being followed, cross the street or turn around and walk in the opposite direction. Walk into a store and ask for assistance.


When you are being followed by a car, write down their number plate and change direction.

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Remember what the suspicious person looked like, any marks on his face or arms and what clothes did they wear, be specific, for instance faded denim pants, red t-shirt, well warn sneakers.


Benefits of Being Streetwise


For older Children


This section is good for adult children and even those going to college.


With good observational skills it is easy to distinguish what is going on around you and are able to make better judgements in the situation.


Situational Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence go hand in hand. It is a good combination, you will be able to recognise a situation and then get up for themselves or get away.

Such a person will always be alert, but have the judgement not to panic or freak out, they will know how to handle the situation and what to do.


You have a very suspicious mind. It will make you a good judge of character. The way a person behaves, talks and inter acts will tell you what kind of person it is. Then there is still your gut feeling.


With this knowledge they will find it easy to navigate their way in a strange place and city. You will find many solo travellers are streetwise people.


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Having the ability to be a good judge of character, helps to make new friends easy.


Being attentive and alert does not make you an easy target for criminals.


Their self-esteem is high, therefore they have their own opinions and are not dependant on others. When they talk people listens, because they know what they are talking about.


The practical experiences they gain will make them wise and they will just know, how something should be done.


They develop an outgoing personality, make many friends and know many people. Contacts are always a valuable asset.


No one can pull wool over their eyes, they are wide awake and will bargain their way to get good deals.


To beat the situation, they must be able to outsmart the rest, have street smart understanding of the way the world around you works. In other words prepare your child, teach them to be one step ahead, act first and know a little more.


Streetwise people are more open to take risks. To push your boundaries and taking a risk is a healthy practice. For instance, you do not like your job, would you stay on just because there are risks involved in leaving it. Or would you brace yourself and quit, choosing to deal with the problems as they come.


Problem solving is not a problem that stops a streetwise person. A street smart person possesses a valuable skill of finding a solution to almost every problem.

Most of the times these solutions are very creative. Street smart people are able to get out of even the stickiest of situations.




I hope with this letter it is clear how important it is to train your child from a young age until they leave the home to become streetwise. They will always be grateful for all the life skills you have taught them.


As a parent you only have 18 years to lay the foundation of their future and help them build their character and personality for a happy and successful life. Listen to what they want and then guide and assist the best you can.


Until next time, stay safe my lady.


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